It is the goal of Country Village Montessori School to provide a safe, clean and happy environment for the children and to support them in their social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and psychological growth during their stay with us.

We will endeavor to adhere to the American Montessori Society’s code of ethics and provide a Montessori classroom of materials and instruction for children between the ages of 2 and 9 months and 9 years of age (or upon entrance to fourth grade).

We will continually strive to keep pace with the rapidly growing bodies of research in the field of Child Development while validating and advocating Maria Montessori’s theory of child development.

As adults in the environment, we will model standards of grace and courtesy to each other as well as actively promoting peace between children.

Our creed will be to “follow the child” as Maria Montessori expressed so eloquently because this is their environment, their school, and their Children’s House.

Respect is our watchword. We respect ourselves, each other and our environment.