Our Philosophy

Children have an innate desire to learn. The Montessori environment provides the child with a structure that allows for freedom within limits and offers developmentally appropriate activities to aid the child in his/her cognitive development.

Movement and active involvement with the learning environment, rather than dependence on adults for constant direction, fosters patterns of concentration and perseverance in the child. Skills are presented which teach children how to learn which encourages them to be self-motivated, competent learners.

The focus is on the process of learning rather than on the simple accumulation of facts. We provide the opportunity for children to function in a safe and positive climate. The result is a child who becomes a lifelong passionate learner who embraces a sincere love of learning.

The primary objective is to provide a unique cycle of learning designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive periods when information can be absorbed from a rich environment. By pursuing their own interests and challenged to pursue others in a stimulating Montessori classroom, our students develop an early enthusiasm for learning. Children are exposed to a method that will promote curiosity and exploration and assist them in building a habit of concentration and completion, which are lifelong study skills.

Our goals are to:

  • Develop within the child a love of learning that will last a lifetime
  • Create an enriched peaceful environment
  • Provide opportunities for children to discover and create at their own pace
  • Foster an inner discipline and sense of order
  • Promote a deep respect and sensitivity to all life
  • Experience the joyful community of the classroom
  • Support each child’s burgeoning sense of self-efficacy and worth
  • Model peace and non-violence in our community and thus the world
  • Be a welcoming presence to our school families, offering support and communicating openly
  • Advocating for each child to reach his/her own full potential