February 8, 2024

Competencies of the Three-Year-Cycle in Lower Elementary

The following are expectations for each child as they complete the three-year cycle of our Lower Elementary classroom. Embracing the beauty of a Montessori classroom, we expect that each child will reach these goals at his or her own pace within the cycle. We, as teachers, will support each child to reach these goals while sharing the excitement of learning.

By the end of the third grade year each child is expected to:

  1. Work neatly, form numbers and letters legibly in both print and cursive.
  2. Write reports and stories in complete sentences with capital letters and periods.
  3. Be able to write at least one page during writing time, in various genres.
  4. Spell words correctly if copied or if they have been taught is spelling lessons.
  5. Look up new words in the dictionary.
  6. Read chapter books and non-fiction books, and write complete book reports.
  7. Memorize the math facts in addition, multiplication, and subtraction, and possibility division up to ten.
  8. Understand exchanging in addition, multiplication, and subtraction, in up to four digits.
  9. Understand how to solve word problems in math.
  10. Understand how to identify, add and subtract fractions.
  11. Know how to read a clock, how to work with money, and how to measure objects,
  12. Locate the continents on a map and some of their countries.
  13. Know basic land and water forms, and be able to use an atlas.
  14. Know how to research a topic independently.
  15. Know the parts of speech.
  16. Know the basic rules of punctuation.
  17. Know how to find new classroom work when required work is completed.
  18. Express yourself verbally to teachers, peers, and whole groups.
  19. Show a positive attitude toward schoolwork and learning.
  20. Be a kind and helpful member of our community.

Each child brings his or her own unique gift to the class. We will embrace each individual child while moving through this three-year journey.

For more specific information, download a comprehensive outline of the Montessori Lower Elementary Curriculum.

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