The yearly schedule in the Children's House includes a round trip around the world in cultural themes, the cycles of nature in science, and music, art projects and physical activities that reflect monthly themes. The monthly themes for the 2011-2012 school year are:

September: Working Together

  • Science: Insects, human body (height  measurements)
  • Cultural: Our school community
  • Geography: Continents

October: Harvest

  • Science: Parts of a tree and functions, health and nutrition, farm and nocturnal animals
  • Geography: Maps (North, South, East, West) and United States

November: Native Americans

  • Science: Trees (deciduous), seasonal changes, and mammals
  • Geography and Culture: North America

December: Winter Traditions

  • Science: Trees (evergreen), birds, and animals in winter
  • Geography and Culture: South America

January: Planets

  • Science: The Earth and the solar system, amphibians, and deserts
  • Geography and Culture: Africa

February: Earth—Geology

  • Geography and Culture: Europe

March: Earth—Weather

  • Science: Sea Life, invertebrates, and rain forests
  • Geography and Culture: Asia

April: Spring

  • Science: Botany, nature walks, parts of flowers, and sea life (vertebrates)
  • Geography and Culture: Australia & Antarctica

May: Gardening & Ecology

  • Science: Insects review, butterflies and parts of plant/flower review
  • Geography and Culture: Review continents

June: Reviews

  • Science: Human body, height measurements
  • Geography and Culture: United States review