Children’s House 2010-2011 year schedule

2010/2011 - Montessori Primary Class – Dorina Nimigean


Our yearly schedule follows:

- a round trip around the world in cultural themes

- the cycles of nature in science.

Music, art projects and physical activities reflect the themes of the month.


September: Working Together

                     Science: Insects (parts of the body) – bees

                                   Flowers (parts and functions)

                                   Growing: Height measurements I

                     Cultural: Our school community


October:   Harvest

                     Science:  Parts of a tree and functions. Apple tree

                                    Health and Nutrition

                                    Farm animals, mammals, bats

                     Cultural: Maps, North, South, East, West.

                                    North America, US (the states Johnny Appleseed traveled through)

November: Native Americans

                     Science: Trees (deciduous), Nature walk


                     Cultural: North America, US                                 

December:  Winter Traditions

                    Science: Trees (evergreen)

                                   Birds, Animals in winter

                    Cultural: South America

January:     Planets

                     Science: The Earth and the solar system


                    Cultural: Africa

February:   Earth-Geology

                     Cultural: Europe

March:        Earth-Weather

                                   Sea Life: Invertebrates

                     Cultural: Asia

April:           Spring

                      Science: Botany, Nature walks,

                                     Flowers Review

                                     Sea Life: Vertebrates

                     Cultural: Australia& Antarctica

May:            Gardening& Ecology

                      Insects review: Butterflies; parts of plant/flower review

                      Cultural: Review continents

June:            Reviews

                      Science: Human Body; Height Measurements I

                      Cultural: US review.