Children's House Back to School

“There is a part of a child’s soul that has always been unknown but which must be known. With a spirit of sacrifice and enthusiasm we must go in search, like those who travel to foreign lands and tear up mountains in their search for hidden gold”

–Maria Montessori, “The Secrets of Childhood”

Dear parents,

We have a school year ahead of us to know each other and grow together. We are ready for this journey with your children, and are eagerly looking forward to having them with us.

As the returning children will rediscover their familiar environment, and will promptly ask about the changes they will be sure to notice, we all will help the newcomers feel welcome and safe in a new place.

Our yearly schedule follows the cycles of nature in science and a round trip around the world in cultures. Music, art projects and physical activities reflects the themes of the months.

Check the newsletter on line at the end of each month for more details about our activities and information about the upcoming events. An overview of the yearly curriculum and a daily schedule are posted by the bulletin board and also enclosed here. You may want to make a copy for a handy reference.

For a couple of weeks we will focus on developing social skills, to ensure a healthy and pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Grace and courtesy will remain a priority throughout the year.

Some practical issues for a good start this school year:

  • Please return the teacher’s questionnaire as soon as the school begins. It will give us some insight in your child’s routines, likes and dislikes.
  • Clothing:
    • Please dress your children with clothes they can handle themselves.
    • Safety first (fashion can wait): Dress shoes or clogs are not the best safety choice for running on the playground. Please have them wear sneakers and a change of footwear for the indoors.
    • Layers for cold mornings and warm afternoons.
    • Please bring a set of change (underwear, shirt, pants, socks) in a labeled zip-lock bag.
  • Each child will have a folder in the classroom to save some of his/her work. The folder will be sent home every Friday, to be returned empty the next Monday. Most of the Montessori work for this age group is done with materials, so the amount of papers going home is not necessarily proportional with one’s progress but is rather depending on age, child’s interest, pencil control and specific projects.
  • Snacks will be provided by each family - daily rotations. Please check the snack calendar to see your days. We will try to help you remember by sending the snack basket with your child the day before your turn. Also please check the list with suggested healthy choices. (Don’t forget Friday is International snack)
  • Being on time is one of the first lessons on showing respect and consideration for every member of the community. Please notify us about any foreseeable change in your schedule.

Mrs. Carla, Mrs. Parna and I are wishing you and your children a good school year!