Children's House June 2012

As the school year comes to a rapid close in 2 short weeks, we’d like to sign off with our last newsletter of the year. So read ahead with important news and information. Graduation ceremony for kindergarteners is scheduled for Monday, June 11th at 6 p.m.

This is a time to celebrate a benchmark in your child’s school life. We will sing and share memories and dreams with each other. Please make arrangements for your other children; we will keep it short (30-40 minutes) and simple.

As the KG students prepare to celebrate their graduation, the Juniors will have an in-class “step up” program to recognize and prepare them to take the place of those that are graduating to first grade. Just to be clear the stepper uppers are those children that are 5 years old by September 30th.

The kindergarteners chose a poem, “The Seed”, to memorize, analyze, and present. Here it is for you to consider:

The Seed by Aileen Fisher

How does it know, this little seed, if it is to grow to a flower or weed,

If it is to be a vine or shoot, or grow to a tree with a long deep root?

A seed is so small where do you suppose it stores up all of the things it knows?

In addition the K’s will have a bit of “homework” to get them ready for the big time! Check the Friday folders for this work

Remember for the summer, with your children to do as Maria Montessori suggests:

“Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.” –Maria Montessori 

Among the most notable activities and topics for the past few weeks as we close the school year:

  • Sensorial materials  mostly nature made: various leaves, flowers and seeds, and insects were explored
  • Studies of the butterfly, praying mantis, ant, firefly, grasshopper, and ladybug were conducted
  • We looked at the human body and how it functions
  • We discussed healthy foods for our body
  • We covered landforms: island/lake, isthmus/strait, peninsula/golf and archipelago.
  • Finally, we travelled to the continents of Australia and South America:  noting the different flora and fauna, people, traditions, music and dance.

Math, language, and writing materials are used by all children at different levels and have become a daily routine.

Thank you

  • For taking the time to come to our mothers’ day celebration.
  • To Marlene Santiago (Glo) for coming to talk to us about the human body.


Our last day of school is Thursday, June 14th and IS a full day with aftercare!

It has been our express pleasure to work with each and everyone of your children this year – we wish you a fun-filled and safe summer.

With our best, Ms Claire, Ms Sue, Ms Dorina, Ms Parna, Ms Carla, Ms Kaitlin