Children's House Newsletter, October 2012

October has been a fun filled month of learning. The children have settled into the routine and have been busy exploring the many materials of their environment. In practical life the children have been learning to clean up after themselves, take care of their environment and take care of plants. The children helped to trim dead leaves, polish leaves and transplant a plant. Some of the children have also been learning how to scrub tables, wash cloths and scrub the carpet. Other popular works have been tweezing corn, decorating and then cleaning a pumpkin and the dressing frames. In sensorial many of the materials are on the shelves now. The children have been exploring colors, shapes, textures, sounds and more. A very popular work has been sorting objects that make sound or are silent. We learned about Columbus, have read many books about Halloween, have been practicing Halloween songs and peace songs as well. We have introduced magnets and the children love to sort items into magnetic or not magnetic categories. In geography some children are working on pin-punching maps, pressing play dough onto the continent shapes and exploring our place in the universe by manipulating nesting boxes that represent our school, town, state, country, continent, world and solar system. We have learned about the life cycle of pumpkins and learned the parts of apples and pumpkins. The children have also been matching pictures of whole fruit to half fruit and some children can label the fruit with their names. This is the beginning of our study of food and nutrition. Vegetables are being introduced this week followed by the rest of the food groups as well as balanced eating. We also discussed the voting process and voted on our favorite type of apple. The candidates were red delicious, granny smith and fuji apples. Red delicious won the popular vote in the class.

November will bring our study of North America, Native Americans, Thanksgiving, human skeleton, sink and float and land forms.

We would love some donations of Indian corn so that we can continue with corn tweezing. This is a great activity that promotes concentration and fine motor skills and always a favorite amongst the children.

Carla, Cherie, Irene & Parna