Children's House Newsletter, September 2012

It has been a busy and exciting start to the year. The children have been settling into the routine and have been enjoying getting to know new friends and spending time with old friends as well.  We have been establishing our ground rules in the classroom; primarily that we help everyone and hurt nothing. We have also had many grace and courtesy lessons such as sneezing and coughing into our elbow, placing a hand on a shoulder to interrupt, observing a lesson or someone working without interrupting, knocking on the bathroom door and saying excuse me when trying to get past someone in our way. We introduced that the earth is made of air, land and water. We also showed that maps are a representation of the earth by cutting a play dough model of the globe into the two hemispheres and flattening it out. The children have started exploring our many maps and the older children are working on pin-punching maps. We have been learning about trees and will continue in October with more study of leaves and apples. We have also been talking about the seasons and will continue with a few projects. All of the children have been exploring the many materials of the classroom practicing skills in practical life, sensorial, math and language. Soon to come is living and non-living, magnetic and non-magnetic, land forms, Columbus, pumpkins and other fruits, food and nutrition and of course Halloween!

We participated in the International Day of Peace on Friday, September 21 with all of the children from both classes coming together to sing songs and celebrate peace in the world. The elementary class flew a giant peace dove while the children’s house each flew their own doves that they made. The songs were “Hold a Friend’s Hand for Peace”, “Simple Gifts”, “This Pretty Planet” and “Dreams of Harmony”. We are continually encouraging the children to explore peacefulness within themselves, compassion for others and understanding of the differences and similarities amongst people from all cultures.

We will have sign-up sheets available for observations and conferences starting this week. To reserve your spot, please park in the parking lot at arrival or dismissal. We will have the sheet outside during these times and inside on the bulletin board the rest of the time. It is important to observe your child at school before your conference to assist you in formulating questions about their day and assist in developing goals for your child.

Halloween will be one of our unusual days at the school. We have been invited to go to Ledgewood Assisted Living to sing for the residents. This has been a popular event in the past that brings joy to the children and especially to the “grandmas and grandpas”. We are requiring parent participation for this event. The children’s house class will meet at Ledgewood at 9:30 am on October 31. Children that attend morning pre-school will conclude their day after this singing event and will not return to the school for the day. Children that attend full day will continue their day at school after the event. The children may come dressed in costumes (no weapons or violent characters) and will change out of their costumes once back at school. Carpooling arrangements may be made with other parents if your participation is absolutely not possible. We appreciate your flexibility with the few unusual days that pop up throughout the year.

Ms. Parna will be out for the next month as she has gone to India to be with her family. Her mother suffered a bad fall that injured her back severely. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Parna and her family during this difficult time. Ms. Cherie will be assisting in the afternoon and Ms. Sue will be covering aftercare for the month of October. The classroom will continue to be the consistent, happy place your children have come to know and love.

Kindergarten News

The kindergarten children have been working hard practicing their skills, developing their hands for writing, learning to work together and following directions. They learned the scientific names for land, air and water as atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere, learned the tale of Johnny Appleseed, have written acrostic poems, and are practicing their math and language skills daily. The kindergarten children are rising to the challenge of being the elders of the classroom and helping the younger children. The kindergarten field trip to Currier Apple orchard was unfortunately postponed on Friday due to the rain. That trip has been rescheduled for this Wednesday, October 3. Permission slips will be sent back with the change of date to be initialed and to check if your participation has to change as well.

Carla, Cherie, Irene & Parna