Another Children's House Newsletter, October 2013

We have had some beautiful weather and Halloween is just around the corner! The children love their time outside especially as the leaves are falling. Please be sure to check the weather report and dress your child accordingly as it is becoming cooler. It has been very busy with lots of learning in the class over the last couple of weeks. The children have enjoyed a variety of Halloween and autumn books and songs at circle. We observed and compared several kinds of squash including pumpkins. The full day children also made still life pictures of a squash or pumpkin of their choosing. We learned about the life cycle and parts of apples and pumpkins. We taste tested three different varieties of apples and graphed our results; Gala was the class favorite. We cut open a pumpkin and some of the children helped to get the seeds and pulp cleaned out of it. The next day the children got to try the pumpkin seeds and pumpkin muffins made by Ms. Carla. We have also been talking about farm animals and the proper names for the male, female and babies. Some of the other more popular works are the corn tweezing work, decorating a pumpkin and crushing acorns with a twisting nut cracker.

The children are practicing their math skills and learning new ones, many of the children have enjoyed counting, adding and subtracting with pumpkins and acorns. Some of the children have also been enjoying using the decimal system stamps to show the quantity of large numbers. In language there are lessons taking place daily with all of the children. Language is intertwined in the curriculum and the classroom. There are sound lessons for many of the children, games for phonemic awareness and a plethora of opportunities for building vocabulary and conversation skills. Sequencing, opposites, seasons and matching a shape to its shadow are other language skills that many of the children are practicing now. In geography maps are being made, we have learned that the earth is made of land, air, water (lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere) and some of the older children completed their where I live booklets.

The kindergarten children had their first field trip of the year last week. They went to Brookdale Farm in Hollis last Thursday afternoon. The children looked at vegetables in the fields and at the farm stand, picked apples and observed some farm animals. It was a nice opportunity for the eldest children in the class to have some time together while experiencing some of the things we have talked about in the classroom, a great time was had by all.

Halloween is a day at school that the children always look forward to! On Halloween your child is welcome to wear a costume to school, however if they choose not to that is alright as well. We will start on the playground, weather permitting, and the children will have a chance to show off their costumes, sing songs, play some games and do a craft or two. Parents are welcome to stay at arrival time until the outside festivities are over. I would expect this to last until about 9:30. The children will then change out of their costumes and start the school day inside. No candy and no weapons of any kind please.

Ms. Carla, Ms. Sue, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Irene