Children's House Newsletter, February 2013

It has been busy as ever in Children’s house! In practical life the children have been perfecting their movements and practicing many new skills. Lately, floor sweeping has been very popular especially with many of the first and second year students. Many of the children also like the task of using the carpet sweeper and dusting the shelves to care for their classroom. At home you can provide your child with a small broom and floor sweeper and dust pan. Allow your child to help care for your home, you may be surprised at what they are capable of if you show them how.

The children have been exploring the sensorial materials refining their ability to name, grade and sort materials by size, shape, color, feel and sound. Also popular is the color mixing work where the children can learn by doing that the primary colors can be mixed to make the secondary colors. Many of the children have also learned the names of many of the geometric solids and have had fun playing various games.

In January we learned about the arctic and the Antarctic. We read many stories, discussed the Inuit people and learned about many of the animals that live at the two poles of the earth. We also discussed Martin Luther King jr. as a man that worked for peace and fairness. February started out with groundhog day, 100th day of school, Valentine’s Day and Mardi gras. We have now begun our study of Asia starting last week with China. We learned about the Chinese New year celebration that began this year on February 10th. The children made lanterns, learned what their Chinese zodiac sign is and the afternoon children made their own dragons as well. International snack was some oranges for good luck and wealth, some Chinese noodles and a fortune cookie. This week we began talking about India. Ms. Parna

gave a presentation on Thursday that was absolutely beautiful. She discussed Indian culture and traditions, performed a traditional dance and shared a snack of Indian bread, rice and vegetables. She also wore a saree and demonstrated how to wear one by dressing up Ms. Irene; the children were surprised at how much fabric there is. The afternoon children learned two dances as well and had a great time acting them out. When we return from vacation we will continue our study of Asia and begin learning about reptiles.

Thank you!

A giant thank you to Susan (Sam’s mom) for sewing our beautiful quilt incorporating a square made by each child. It is truly beautiful; I couldn’t have imagined it coming out so well and certainly couldn’t have sewn it so well.

Thank you for all of the box tops that have been coming in, also to Rebecca and her family for the donation of paper towels.

Other notes

Parent night has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 27 at 6pm. The topic will be math in the Montessori classroom. We hope to see you all there as we demonstrate the materials that your children are exploring and learning from every day.

Outside time: Thank you for sending your children ready to play outside on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will continue starting out on those days provided that it is not too chilly and the playground is not to icy.

Drop off and pick up: Please pull all the way forward in the line and stay in your car. If you need to get out please park in the parking lot. If you need to get out in order to buckle your child in, pull as far forward as possible so that we are not holding up the traffic.

Spare Clothes: Please send all items to school in a bag labeled with your child’s name. If you think you may be missing items you can check our growing collection of lost and found.

Observations: The classroom is settled and the children are hard at work. This is a great time of the year to come observe your child. It is also great to see the progress that the children have made since October. See a teacher to schedule a time to come observe.

Happy Vacation!

Carla, Parna, Cherie, and Irene