Children's House Newsletter, March 2013

Save the Date for April 17th. This will be our annual Father’s Night. This is one of our most popular yearly events! You’ll attend school with your child for about an hour in the early evening while they take you through the paces of their favorite works. Invitations and more information will follow. Sorry Moms – this one is for the Dads only. The first weeks of March saw a continuing study of Asia. We traveled to Russia, Mongolia, and Japan. You’ll remember this followed India and China from February. WE located the countries on maps, learned about their flags, and saw pictures of food, housing, and culture. In some cases we even listened to music! Artifacts on display included dolls in heritage costumes, Russian nesting dolls, a singing bowl from Tibet, and chop sticks. Thanks to Ms. Cherie who had many of these items and more to share with the class.

Now it’s on to Europe, with a stop in Ireland and a look at St. Patrick’s Day. WE read books about the country and many of its legends and lore. Leprechauns and giants always capture the child’s imaginations. We also studied islands and archipelagos. More stops in different countries in the coming weeks.

Reptiles have been our focus in Science. Ms. Carla brought in two different kinds of tortoises and gargoyle geckos. Hope and Josh from the Elementary class brought in an albino spyder python, a corn snake, and a ball python.

The children really enjoyed the reptiles. Next studies will be amphibians followed by birds.

Practical Life has new button sewing work. This very popular work is great for developing fine motor skills and concentration.  Math has seen an introduction of a special work created by Ms. Cherie called “making a bead stair” that is very popular as well.

Kindergarten Lunch News: The children are now using small plates and cups and are serving their own food onto the plates and then placing the plates on their placemat at the table. At the conclusion of lunch, they are also cleaning their own plates and washing their own dishes as part of the clean up process. You would be amazed at how these little attentions to details help make the lunch a “neater” prospect. The children are rising to the challenge and we encourage you to have lovely mealtimes at home as well. *If anyone is missing his or her utensils from home, please check with us.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow night at our annual MATH NIGHT. RSVP, please.

The Staff of Children’s House