Children's House Newsletter, October 2013

Congratulations to David and his family for his baby brother Jackson, born on September 6. I forgot to mention in the last newsletter, my apologies. Congratulations to Liam and his family for his baby sister Emma Rose born on September 21. Thank you for all that attended the international pot luck family picnic. It was glorious weather, great food, a good time for all and the children also enjoyed flying the peace dove. Thank you all for your continued support and generous donations of paper goods and snacks.

Fall is in the air! The leaves are changing and falling, gardens are being harvested and the natural world all around us is beautiful. This is a wonderful time to emphasize the bounty and beauty of the earth. The children have learned about sunflowers and have really enjoyed tweezing the seeds out of real sunflowers from Ms. Carla’s and Ms. Jenna’s gardens and even had a chance to taste sunflower seeds.  Some of the children have noticed and compared the difference in the two different varieties of sunflowers and many of the children have made their own sunflowers to decorate the classroom.

We talked about food and things that come from trees. The children have enjoyed playing with the various wood items and fruit on display. We discussed what some common foods are made from such as cheese made from the milk of a cow, ketchup from tomatoes and bread made from flour ground from wheat. The children have also been matching and naming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables building on their vocabulary.

We looked at corn stalks with green beans wrapped around them Monday and had a chance to taste the green beans that were growing off the corn stalk. We talked about how corn grows and examined some Indian corn at circle. Corn tweezing is now on the shelf, an ever popular work that is great for developing concentration and fine motor skills. We would greatly appreciate any donations of Indian corn for this activity.

We will continue learning about autumn, gardens, farms, fruits, vegetables, and especially apples and pumpkins over the next few weeks.

Observations and Conferences

Observations begin this week in the classroom. If you haven’t signed up for an observation or conference yet, please park when you have a few extra minutes at arrival or dismissal to sign up. Feel free to take notes during your observation as this may help you formulate some questions for your conference.

Outside time

We start outside on the playground most mornings and it has been chilly. Please dress your child in layers so they are warm enough in the morning and can lose layers for the warmer afternoons.

“The child can only develop fully by means of experience in his environment.  We call such experience ‘work’.”  (The Absorbent Mind)

Ms. Carla, Ms. Sue, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Irene