Children’s House Newsletter, January 2014

It has been busy month in children’s house. As most of you know already, I was out of the classroom for six days, one more than I intended. A very close family friend got married in Cancun, Mexico and my husband was the best man. While the timing was not ideal in having to miss school, it was a wonderful experience my family and me. The wedding was intimate and beautiful, and the weather was quite a bit nicer than here! I was comforted  knowing that the classroom was in very good hands with Jamie, Sue, Parna and Irene, but I am glad to be back. We are wrapping up our study of the Polar Regions this week. We spent the first part of the month exploring the Arctic region and the second half discovering Antarctica. The children have enjoyed learning about the animals that live at both poles of the earth and the differences and similarities between them. We learned about the Inuit people, their culture, and how different it would be to live somewhere that is so cold and so dark for the winter and where the sun barely sets in the summer. We have discussed that there are no people that are from Antarctica but that some scientists go there to study the penguins, marine animals and the delicate environment of the continent. Your children have especially enjoyed learning about some of the different kinds of penguins. They have loved trying to walk with and “egg” on their feet like an Emperor penguin and exploring the properties of ice while playing with penguins. We have recited poems and songs about walruses, seals, polar bears, and penguins, and have read a great variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction, on both areas. The have included some of the Tacky the Penguin books, Mama, Do You Love Me?, Kiana’s Iditarod, Arctic Song, Three Snow Bears and Eskimo Boy just to name a few.

This Friday, January 31, is Chinese New Year. Happy New Year! We are starting off our study of Asia this week with China and the celebration of the New Year. We are spending February exploring some of the many countries and cultures of Asia. If any of you, the parents, have anything that you would like to share with the class please let me know. We always love to have more information, songs, artifacts, etc. that we can share with the children to expand their understanding of other cultures.

100th Day! We have been counting the days that we have been in school. The 100th day will be on Monday, February 10. The children enjoy doing the daily count that we keep track of with craft sticks and number cards. They especially like when we get another bundle of 10 and that they can see the number grow daily. When we get to the hundredth day we will tie our 10 bundles of ten together and get out the 100 card. We would like each child to select 100 items that they can count and send to school for the day. Be creative with your items but keep in mind size and that your child needs to be able to manage it, also no candy please.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner as well. This is always a very exciting day for many of the children at school. They will be able to exchange valentines if they wish to on February 14 but we insist there be no candy, cookies or other sweets sent into school.  We also ask that your child only signs their name to their cards and not to address to specific children. If your child wishes to participate there are 17 children in the class.

Our next parent night will be February 12 at 6pm. This is a great chance to learn more about your child’s school and ask a few questions. We hope to see you there so line up those baby sitters.

The school will be closed on Friday, March 21 for an all-day training that all of the staff will be attending. Please make arrangements for your children for that day. While we are sorry for any inconvenience, it is vital that all of the staff continually strengthen their skills and knowledge for the betterment of your children.

Miss Carla