Children's House Newsletter, May 2014

Sign-ups for an end of year conference are now available. I will hold conferences starting tomorrow, Monday through Thursday at 3:00 and 3:20 until June 5. I will also be available Saturday, June 7 in the morning.  As always, you are welcomed to come observe your child in their environment. Even if you observed in the fall, the children have grown and learned so much since then and it is nice to see them in their element. This may also help you formulate some questions for your conference. Wednesday, May 21- Stuffed Animal Day! Your child may bring in any stuffed or plastic animal of their choice. We will discuss what they brought and classify what kind of an animal it is.           

Monday, May 26-Memorial day - No School. I made an error on the calendar and did not mark this day off, sorry for any confusion.

Friday, June 6 – The graduating kindergarten children will be going to the Butterfly Place for their end of year field trip. This is always a fun trip for the kindergarteners to look forward to.

Thursday, June 12 at 4:00 – Kindergarten graduation. Congratulations to Ian Smith, Jaskeerat Singh and Noah Cava, our graduating Kindergarteners.

Friday, June 13 – Step-up to kindergarten at 2:00pm. This is a small ceremony when the graduating kindergarteners will give their best wishes to the up and coming kindergarten children (Justin, Joey, Madeleine, Sam, Paige, Kelsey, Liam, Michael, Nithin, Lachlan and Rebecca).  It will be held on the playground, weather permitting and parents are invited to attend if they wish.            

Friday, June 13 – Last day of school!

In other news

It was so nice to see all of their children with their mothers and grandmothers at Mother’s day tea. I hope that everyone enjoyed it, I know your children and the staff did. Thank you for all of your lovely comments, it really is a wonderful event for me as well.

Now that spring has sprung we are turning our attention to the natural world. We have been learning about various spiders and insects, especially butterflies. The children love exploring the life cycle models for ladybug, ant and butterfly. We are also expanding on what we learned in the fall about plants. We have planted basil and parsley seeds that we will observe in the coming weeks. More growing experiments and observations over the next 4 weeks as well. Some of the children have been studying the parts of a flower, leaf and plant and learning names of different kinds of flowers and plants. It is amazing to see the awe and appreciation that children can have for the beauty that is all around them.

In geography we have been leaning about Africa. So far we have read some folk tales from Africa, sang some songs and learned about many of the animals from the continent, more to come as our school year comes to a close and we finish up our maps as well.

As the days are warmer and beautiful (mostly) we will be spending more time outside. Please remember to sunscreen and bug spray your child in the morning and we will re-apply for the afternoon if you have sent some in. Thank you for sending a seasonal change of clothes in as well. Water bottles should be sent daily now that the weather is warmer so we can keep those busy bodies hydrated.

Thank you all for your continued support for our school and your children’s growth and development.

Ms. Carla, Ms. Jamie, Ms. Irene and Ms. Parna