Children's House Newsletter, November 2014

This month we have been studying “All things corn” and how we can give thanks. We have a thankful tree on the wall that we add push pinned leaves to with a word of thanks on it. The kindergartners have been writing their thankful thoughts and illustrating them. Along with giving thanks, we have been also learning about the voyage the pilgrims made and who they met when they arrived to a new land. This coming week we will be discussing the differences between pilgrim children from long ago and children of today. What do they wear? What did they do? How did they help around the house? “All things corn” started out with reading some of the many books that sit on the unit table. We talked about the parts of an ear of corn and the parts of a cornstalk. The kindergartners are adding words to our “Rhyme-a-Word Wall” that rhyme with corn, pop and cob. They also have been making phonogram booklets  -or and-ee. We had a group discussion in the classroom to see who liked their favorite version of corn themost, least, and not at all. The choices that show up on the pictograph are popcorn, corn on the cob, canned corn, cornbread, corn in soup and not at all. Come in and take a look to see what the favorite was. We ended up having that as a classroom snack this week. For our cultural connection, we heard a Native American tale about the Three Sisters. The story is about cooperation between Corn Sister, Bean Sister and Squash Sister.

Next week will be doing two science experiments involving kernels, water, aluminum foil and soda water to name a few ingredients. Stay tuned. For art we have had a blast using different tools to paint with. We first used a duplo lego upside down to create ears of corn. This week we USED an ear of corn to roll paint onto a paper to create patterns. Next week we will mosaic with different colored kernels to create patterns.

This year for Thanksgiving the children have made invitations for our Thanksgiving Celebration. We have a poem to recite and some songs to share with you. We also thought it would be nice to share some cornbread and cider with you as well. Earlier that same day, the class with bake bread and then break bread together as a way to celebrate as a community.


Ms. Jenna, Ms. Nancy and Ms. Irene