Children's House Newsletter, April 2015

Important Dates

Wednesday, April 22 from 6-7pm Parent and Child Night: This is an excellent opportunity for you to come to school with your child( ten) and have them show you how they spend their time in the classroom during a typical day. Please bring only children that are enrolled at our school. Siblings are too distracting and this is time for your child to shine.

Friday May 8th. 10:00 - 11:30 Mother's Day Tea: Please be prepared to come to school with your child at 10:00  for our annual Mother's Day Tea celebration. THIS IS NOT A REGULAR SCHOOL DAY.   If you cannot participate, please let us know. Remember, there is no before or aftercare offered on this day either. You cannot drop your child at school this day. You must come to school  with your child, be prepared to stay at school with your child, and leave school after the event with your child.  Returning families are accustomed to this CVMS tradition and they will tell you it is worth the minor inconvenience. For those who may wonder and not be aware, the preparation, execution, and clean up is so extensive that caring for your children is not possible on this day. It it strictly a labor of love from CVMS and your children to you! We are looking forward to it, as always….xoxoxox

Now on to the practical matters:

  • Bugspray, sunscreen, hats and waterbottles! It's finally getting to be that time of year again when we call out the arsenal of springtime products. If you have special instructions for your preschooler -let us know. Otherwise our standard is to have them arrive in the morning with a coating of sunscreen already applied at home as they may be starting their day "in the sun". We will help them reapply upon return trips out-of-doors. Please remember to provide your brand of these products in a ziploc bag, clearly marked with their name.

  • Your child's extra set of clothing will be going home with them next Friday before our week-long vacation. Please return a springtime set of clothing to remain in school until the end of the school year.

  • Please check your child for tic on a daily basis. They have been known to pick them up here. To this point we have not sprayed for tics as we weigh the benefit/risk of spraying caustic chemicals here at school.