Elementary Newsletter, May 2012

We are chugging along like the little engine that could and want to let you know where we're going! Our study of a country has come to completion and has been sent home for review and finishing. We have supported your child with our library trip to collect books and have given them time (about 6 weeks worth by checking the books out twice) to finish. Some have completed their first drafts. It is now time to have them figure out (with your help and interest) their finishing touches. We have discussed a number of ways they could approach the completion of this project at home. Specifically, we have mention making a poster with their note cards, bits of information, facts and dates and illustrate or use pictures dress it up for presentation. They can make a timeline of important dates in the evolution of their country. They could make it into a booklet. The choice is theirs. To accompany the written work, they could make a diorama, construct a house typical of the style of their country, or choose representative art to highlight a feature.

If your child does not have much information then a trip to the library is in order to select another book, or books, and encourage them to read and select pertinent information to get ready to share with the class. Class presentations will occur on the 4th and 5th of June. Have them be ready on Monday as they may be selected either day.

On Wednesday the 6th we will end the project formally with a lunch of selected menu items your child has helped prepare at home in the style of their country. Since it is a "pot luck", if you feel your child can't tolerate different food - please pack their lunch as well. You are welcome to join us for that event. Should be fun!

Many children want to keep our Great Mail Race alive by sending out more letters and we couldn't be more delighted! So far we have had nearly 12 states receive letters. Your children know which states have received letters as we have a map of USA up with those sets contacted x'd out. So keep those long envelopes coming, and please make sure the school we write to indeed HAS an elementary class.

Hurrah! We are finished with testing. Results will be shared with you at the end-of-year conference. Conferences will be held 5,6,7 and 11, 12, 13 June. Times are 3:30 and 4:00pm each day. I have other duties and responsibilities in the morning and cannot meet then.

Hopefully this has given you enough time to make arrangements.

A few gentle reminders:

  • We still need newspapers for props for The Newsies numbers at dance. Please send them in Friday.
  • Monday, May 28th we have NO SCHOOL due to the Memorial Day observances.
  • The last dance class is the recital on Friday June 8th - don't forget to line up your babysitters now so you can come and enjoy this with your child. (It will probably be a shortened day as well, as we usually finish early)
  • Returning students need to send in June 2013 tuition (by June 1, 2012) tuition payments will then again start on 1 September 2012 for the next school year.

Thanks for all you do, Claire and Sue