Elementary Update: April 2012

Our Easter trip to Washington D.C. was great – but it did set me back a bit with traveler’s tummy the beginning of last week. The class was none the worse for wear under Ms Sue’s capable handling!  Here then, are the areas and projects we continue to advance:

  • Many of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students are working on (and some have completed) their SECOND comparison and contrast paper.Their first was the porpoise and dolphin – this one is the crocodile and alligator. While still difficult we are seeing many improvements on content and form.
  • The first year students are learning the parts of speech. They should know the noun family (articles, adjectives, and nouns) and verbs. We covered the pronoun this week. You can reinforce their learning by playing games by composing sentences and jazzing them up using descriptive adjectives.  Remind them to use the best verbs they can think up as well.
  • Our timeline of life studies are ongoing with an introduction of the clock of eras. This is where an analog clock of 24 hours is compared to Earth time. Some children are making posters and charting the Archean, Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mezozoic, Cenozoic, and Quartenary Periods.
  • Our Scientists group made predictions and observed the rate of decomposition and mold growth on several foods; broccoli, salami, bananas, cheese and cooked egg, to name a few.  The bread, which we cut in half and had a control piece and a piece we ALL handled has done nothing. We expected the handled piece to look a sight and the less handled piece to keep. But owing to the number of preservatives in the bread…We’d love to do another bread study with homemade bread. Any takers? I mean bakers?
  • The oldest in the class ready to move on are LOVING their decimal  work. We are setting a good foundation and should be working some operations soon.
  • DANCE! Also a high point of the year. Our children are focused, joyful, and gaining in co-ordination and listening skills. Please mark your datebooks Moms and Dads as you really shouldn’t miss this event on the last day of class. Kathy Blake loves CVMS!