Elementary Update: March 2012

Hi Friends! Think Spring!

If you blink - you missed us! The Amherst Citizen put CVMS Poetry Cafe (with photo) in the last edition of their news. We should be in the Milford Cabinet soon. Look for us. The kids were thrilled to see themselves in print!

The class is a-buzz with projects, projects, projects! All the children continue to doggedly continue work on their countries of interest. Maps are flying up on the walls as we narrow the scope from continent to country and then specifically topography of the country to political and economic maps as well. The elders and seniors will go to the library on Monday to further research and check out books of their chosen country.

We wished Olivia a Happy 8th Birthday this month and bid a fond farewell to swimming. Please note that our ever-popular "Dance" and "Musical Theater" activity for P.E. is coming up around the corner. Our first class starts on the 30th. It will be a 10-week segment from 1-2 on Fridays. The last day, as in previous years, will culminate with our parent recital. The location is the same:Kathy Blake Dance Studio, across from Wal-Mart. The commute is an easy one.

Start lining up your car-pools now to insure an easy transition to and from this activity. Bear in mind it will not necessary to return to school after dance as it will be dismissal time. We look forward to this experience for your children. Sorry no siblings this time.

Father's night is upon us. Please plan to come to school with your son/daughter(s) next Wednesday, March 21st for a rollicking good time!

Seriously, it makes a nice opportunity to allow your child(dren) to showcase their favorite pieces of work.Time is 6-8pm. You do not need to come exactly at 6 or stay till 8.

Other popular units of study going through this month into the next are Study of the Human Body (for youngers) and for elders and seniors, the study of the major body systems, e.g. circulatory, respiratory, circulatory, to name a few. We will not cover ALL of them this year.

As the weather warms up (for good) we will pick up our study of water and the elements. On Monday, the children will hear the yearly "Creation Story". It will be repeated Dec 21st 2012 if all goes well.

You might hear your children complain they are overwhelmed. This is a learning process: How to manage more than one thing at a time. The elders are helped out by the use of their Work Plans, should they choose to use them. They are counseled weekly, but also are allowed to feel the stress of their own decisions. Should they not choose to use their time wisely, they will begin to fall behind. We allow them much time to finish their selected follow-ons; however, it is still their choice how to pace and use their time. Out of discomfort comes growth. The demands of school are great - and we feel we have great things to offer them. Children who are well fed and rested without being over-scheduled have the best chance of bringing to the table all that they can! We ever so slightly nudge them by use of questioning in the right direction for the day, week. They are supported and they will get there.

It does take time to create great habits of mind.

A few general reminders:

  • Scholastic Book Club Books make great gifts. Some titles are better than others but you can usually find a few great choices. Remember you can order online or send in selections with a check made out to Scholastic.
  • Don't forget to pack spoons, forks, napkins and placemats for your child. We are out of plastic utensils. Especially, as Earth Day approaches and we annually raise awareness of the mantra: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, a little lesson to share with your child is how to reduce the waste we produce around lunchtime. Reuseable containers for their food - even yogurt - cloth placemats and napkins that can be reused if not soiled, and utensils from home that can be washed go a long way. They may even take an interest in how little they actually throw away! It is part of our Economic Geography as we look at the Earth's Resources - renewable and not!
  • Look for the dance permission slips to come home soon.

Claire and Sue