Elementary Newsletter, November 2014


The Elementary class was treated to a November Field Trip to the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester ( a hidden precious gem) and were pleased to view the very special M.C. Escher collection that is currently on exhibition until January 2015. We were astounded to learn that all of the works on display came from the collection of one man and it came all the way from the Netherlands to spend some time in New Hampshire. The collection featured many  prints we were familiar with!  Our docent led an introspective walking tour and asked the children deep and reflective questions which really engaged them with not only his art but several other popular pieces as well. The Picasso and Sargent portraits are always class favorites! ELwork1 ELwork2Our following activity while at The Currier was to build a polyhedron out of straws and pipe cleaners. The variety of shapes with "many faces" were impressive. Back at school on Friday we took our shapes, and while studying them - drew a picture. We also colored an Escher-inspired picture and built other shapes - icosahedrons, octahedrons, and decahedrons!  It was an art Friday!

The class managed to also conduct a Friday check-in where they look at their work, their unfinished work folders, binders and boxes. We try to make an accountability meeting each Friday to set us up for what may need to be carried over to the next week or have go home for homework. In that vein, they may have not completed their coloring. If your child has not completed it here at school they have been instructed to finish it and home and bring it back on Monday. While this may not seem an important piece of work to you - as with most things here - there are several methods to our madness.Here are a few:

  • We want them to take each and everything they do at school with a modicum of seriousness - even coloring!
  • We want them to appreciate the idea of finishing their work and have it come to fruition
  • We want to bring about the awareness of conservation of our resources and not just throwaway an unfinished piece
  • We want to impart responsibility for what homework is and how to get it done (with your help and gentle reminders, if needed)

I'm sure there are a few more "lessons" but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

That's it!  Have a GREAT weekend!

Claire, Jim, Sue, and Monika

ElementaryCarolyn McKinney