Elementary Newsletter, April 2015

All our Roman building arrived safe and sound by their due date of April 15th. You will be astounded to see the array of aqueducts, villas and temples on Friday night!

Poetry Cafe

Poetry Cafe will be held, rain or shine this Friday, April 17th starting at 5:30pm. Please come and join us for pizza. If you would like your child to have a few more nutritious items to accompany the pizza please bring it for them! You do not have to feed the class - enough for you and yours should suffice.  Following Pizza we'll begin our Poetry Read by 6:00pm. This year, we have experimented with rhyme, free verse, character trait poems, I am From…poems, Poems about Winter, poems for three voices, class participation poems, and even a poem for 2 that is sung! Be prepared for a treat.


Homework for the next month include a Roman God or Goddess and a Volcano study. Guidelines:

  • Roman Pagan Deity: They may choose to make a model of their person, a shoe box diorama of their story, or a drawing. A written report must accompany their artistic representation. They may choose a fictional or nonfictional accounting of their person - and they must be familiar enough with the story to be able to answer their classmates questions about them. Due: 14 May Thursday FYI: Our study of Ancient Rome is finishing up for this school year - we have one more chapter to include in our 8-chapter book. Your children do not want to see this study end and neither do we - it's been great fun!

  • Volcano Report: A template was sent home some time back - over the snow days for the students to complete in the event of a snow day a la "blizzard bag work". Since we didn't have a snow day when we were so prepared - only one student chose to do the report - kudos Ian! since we are now at that point in time, as your students are completing Book Two of their "Composition of the Earth" studies, we are now ready for that report. A new template is being sent home with your child's choice of Volcano to study. They have the template as a guide. Your child might want to complete the outline and draw a map of the location of their volcano, others may want to include pictures of it, others may build it out of clay. The variety of presentations is endless. I have only give a few of what they talked about.They may do only the template if that is all they want to do for this report. Due: Friday, April 24 FYI: Book Two is entitled "How Mountains are Made" and begins with volcanic mountains. The rest of the mountain types we will study will have only in class work. Dome mountains, fault-block mountains, gorges, folded mountains and rift valleys, all include the nomenclature we will be learning.

The elementary have been busy scientists!

From Mr. Jim:

In Science, we have been growing crystals and examining them under the microscope. The first experiment was to dissolve an unknown powder in water and watch the solution wicks up a small cardboard tree and then form crystals all over the tree. The second experiment uses a dolomite rock and  vinegar.

The vinegar, an acid, caused the dolomite to change form and when the vinegar evaporated the dolomite turned into white crystals. The third experiment required dissolving three cups of sugar into one cup of boiling water. A string was hung into the supersaturated solution and within two days the string was covered with sugar crystals. In each case the crystals were viewed under the microscope to see the shape and color of each type of crystal. The sugar crystals were also photographed through the microscope with an iPad.This provided the scientists with a very clear visual of the sugar crystals and the structure that the crystals formed. Each student prepared a written report of the final sugar crystal experiment using the scientific method to record their hypothesis, observations and conclusions.

From Ms. Monika:

In Measurement we learned about the customary units of length and learned about inches, feet, yards, and miles.

In Science we are currently learning about magnetism. We did a few experiments to learn about:

  • the magnetic field

  • magnetic poles

  • attract and repel

  • compass

  • how magnetism works through many substances

A return to P.E.

In May and June we will be traveling to Bean Field in Amherst (next to Souhegan High School) for Soccer, Rugby and Field games two afternoons a week. Details to follow with permission slips et al.