June Newsletter

We Come To The End…                 

Another school year is coming to a close and I’d like to once again, thank all of you from the bottom of my heart in making this year another growing, successful, year for all of us but especially the children of Country Village Montessori School. When I see another graduating class of Kindergarteners and remember their first days with us it is always humbling to be a witness to their development. Each year of growth in elementary is amazing! Here we see cognitive connections in leaps and bounds, always tempered with the growth of the human spirit. It’s said your children here make connections for life and that there is a real bond and connection with the friends they have made here. It’s often reported to me that when families bump into each other over the summer, after not having seen each other daily, in Shaw’s or Target – the children immediately run and embrace each other. What a testament to the power of love!

We have said goodbye to Alex McKinney for the year as his family had to make an emergency trip to Chicago to visit an ill Grandfather. We gave him and his family a fond farewell and our hopes things improve for his family. We will see them next year. Both Alex and his brother will be back with us next year. The Meisner family will be leaving right after Kindergarten Graduation for a family reunion. Happily, all four girls will be back with us as well!

While many of our children are returning, some are moving on. To EVERYONE, regardless, we wish the best of summer and the best in the years ahead! We sincerely hope your time at CVMS was happy and productive.

Kindergarten Graduation this year is scheduled for Monday, June 13th at 3:15pm after we dismiss the regular students for the day. Adult family members are invited as are older siblings that attend CVMS. This ceremony should not be more than ½ hour in duration (for planning purposes).

Our end-of-year Family Picnic will take place on the last day the 24th of June from 11 -1pm. Please come with your entire and extended family for a picnic lunch. (Bring Chairs and blankets – and your lunch!) This is always a fun time for the children to have a wonderful send off to summer. This year we will have samples brought in by The Honey Baked Ham Company at the picnic. They are looking for sales and if interested you may purchase gift certificates at the picnic for which the school will receive 50% right back! It is an end-of-year fund raiser brought to our attention byJonette Montbleau (Bella) and when we saw how easy it was – plus we get all the tasty samples for the picnic – we said WHY NOT? So please, RSVP soon, so we may know how many to plan for. We are targeting any funds gained to upgrade our playground and replace our fence!

Another feature we always like to add to the picnic, when we can, is the introduction of new staff members. Many of you remember meeting Ms. Dorina for the first time last year. Who can forget her broad smile and equally broad straw hat? Just a little food for thought……We sadly say goodbye to Ms Kaitlin as she is spending the next year abroad and to Ms Jen too. Ms Monica has finished her training courtesy of the school allowing her to do complete practicum with us for a small part of the year.  

Now for some upbeat and extremely exciting and happy news - we have 2 certified Montessori teachers joining our team with Ms Dorina next year to round out our teaching staff. More about that at the picnic! We couldn’t be more thrilled!!!! We know you will be pleased with our additions.

Excellence and dedication to teaching is the capstone of Country Village Montessori School. Each year we modify ever so slightly our programs to fit our families. Whether it be adding an hour for aftercare, adding supremely qualified staff, or finding a new P.E. program to fit our Elementary Students – we work at bringing you the best we can offer in our unique, home-like setting. It is here where your children are gently nurtured and coached to become confident personally, learners that love learning, with an extra added dose of compassionate members of a larger world. If you are looking for all of the above – then this is the right fit for you.

I am in the unique position of choosing to offer summer school on any given year. We are working toward the summer of 2012 being an Art-Themed Summer Camp. We have run such a camp in the past to raves and would very much like to repeat the experience for your children. To all of you that would like us to run summer hours – PLEASE let your voice be heard. Let us know – either by phone or e-mail your desires and we will make it happen.

This summer I am offering tutoring. Cost is $25.00 per hour. Two hours a week is recommended. Please speak to me if you are interested. I can’t wait to work with you child!

We can’t have a newsletter without issuing our thanks to those thoughtful people that go above and beyond whether through employment or act of kindness as they pass through out school so in no particular order…….Thanks to

  • Ms Dorina for a wonderful school year at the helm of our Children’s House Class
  • Ms Kaitlin for ably assisting in the classroom and in aftercare
  • Ms Jen (between illness and injury) for assisting under the most difficult circumstances of all – in your own child’s class
  • Ms Sue without whom all things would not be possible
  • to all of you

without your tolerance, love, and support, I would not have been able to complete my 100 hours of tutoring it took (along with 45 class hours on Saturdays, 4 papers and 10 homework assignments) to complete my initial level Orton-Gillingham Training Certification. The OG training is integral in helping all your children become readers.

Each year I say it has been an exceptional year and this year is no different. We continue to “follow the child” as our Montessori natures dictate. It is our training, years of experience, dedication to each and every member of our class that sets us apart. We combine the love of what we do with keeping up with current research and training on Child Development. You will always receive our honest reports based on our knowledge, continuing education, and experience. We want all children to bring their best selves forward and move into the future with all they can be.

We are about your children first.

As we move beyond the 2010 -2011 school year I sincerely wish each and every one of you the best of summers and the best of the years to come.

To those of you returning you will be getting the very best of the best!