May Newsletter

Hi Everybody,

It hardly seems possible but here we are in the last 2 months of school!  Ms. Dorina’s class is deep in preparation for Mother’s Day Tea and the Elementary are chugging along with exciting new areas of studies including “The Work of Water” and “Light”. Elementary are opting for a PARENT NIGHT in June where you will be invited for an evening of work with your child.

Many “thank yous” to issue – to all our drivers to Dance, to Ms Becki for managing our Box Tops program and to all of you for sending in your Box Tops. You may not be aware, but the school has received $571.00 just for submitting the clippings this last quarter. $500.00 of our award was secured by Ms Becki for following the program so closely. This is HUGE for us.

More thanks for all our returning students. The school is full and we only have a few remaining openings for afternoon Children’s House class. We will not be offering summer school this year. We are trying to have it in place for summer of 2012.

We thank the many families that have been kind enough to donate Clorox wipes and paper towels and Kleenex etc: We can never have enough!

The last tuition payment of the year is due by the 10th, as always. If it is late please include late fee of $15.00.

The black flies are out in good number. If you would like to have bug spray here for your child please send it in to school in a plastic bag with your child’s name written on it with a Sharpie. We do not want to mix the products as some children and parents are particular that their child receive or NOT receive certain ingredients. Best practice is to apply it before drop-off and we will re-apply before recess.

The same protocol applies for sun screen.

This seems a good time to inventory and send in a complete seasonal change of clothing for your child as well and as the days become warmer make sure they have their water bottles with them once again.

Reminder: Elementary Info Night is this month on Thursday the 26th. at 6pm. We especially encourage all in-coming 1st graders to have one or both parents attend. Current Elementary Class Parents are most welcomed to share your experiences with our new class members’ families.

The school calendar for the 2011 – 2012 school years is now ready. It will be posted on-line too. Please note the start dates and the vacation days as they depart from Amherst School schedule. We hope you will be able to work your family time off so that your child does not miss school due to vacations.

Elementary Conferences are open for Fridays. I have had 4 conferences so far and look forward to meeting with more of you over the coming weeks. Please call or e-mail to schedule.

Last minute reminders: Monday is Children’s House Mother’s Day Tea. If you are not attending remember your child cannot come to school that day. It is a “Special Event” and the teachers are occupied with the running of the day and not able to be with any individual children. As usual, siblings are not able to join us this day either. Thank you.

We look forward to the last day of school which is our traditional picnic; Friday, June 24th. We open and welcome families and ALL siblings (providing it is an “outside day”).  It is always a fun and relaxing morning. We are inviting our newly enrolled families to come and meet the wonderful students and parents we have at Country Village Montessori School. More info to come in the very near future!

At the end of this month we will once again have the class studying Human Growth and Development of Susan Carr’s from Souhegan High School come for a visit. This is always pre-empted by my visit to her class one morning to lecture about Montessori Education. They LOVE it! As a result of this, a class member from several years past who is married with a child is due to take training for an A.M.S. Certification this summer. Sadly, she lives in Massachusetts and can’t be with us! 

We have been hosting many visitors interested in Country Village for their children. They always remark what a beautiful and inviting place it. The atmosphere of joy and self-determination is evident. We are blessed to have a continued robust enrollment as we move into our 10th milestone year and have you to thank. 

Enjoy your spring!