Thank you to CVMS families for a lovely 2012 clean-up day!

Thank you to all those members of the CVMS community who gathered together on Saturday, May 12 for a lovely clean up day. A special thanks to Diane Shieh for the starter kit of pansies that almost filled the entire facade of the school, and also to the Dyer, Doyle, and Timm families for their flower donations. We appreciate those who turned out to help beautify our school property by moving mulch, weeding, and planting—in no particular order, Stephanie Meisner and girls, Lisa Smith and Ryan, Erin Hubbard and girls, The Ryckman family, Susan and Debbie Lee, and new family, Jessica Heitfield, Justin Koon and their daughters! We are blessed with the most wonderful families. I also would like to recognize Ms Kaitlin Gallagher who donated her time and help to the effort, my husband Jim, who is ALWAYS there for us, our son Will, and of course, Ms Sue who stayed to the bitter end with us!