Sneak peek at this year's Summer Programs!

During week four and five at summer camp we spent time making different types of puppets and performing fairy tales. The campers loved getting creative with making finger puppets, sock puppets, sponge puppets and paper bag puppets. The final products were all unique and celebrated with the puppet theater made by the campers. We all enjoyed using different voices to bring our puppets alive while performing. Fairy tales followed into the next week and campers brought in their favorite costume from home. Ms Irene graciously lent her daughter's costumes for the scampers to use while performing Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, Thumbilina and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Each day campers learned new vocabulary that accompanies the theater world. Some ideas discussed were on and off stage, props, and main characters, to name a few. The staff heard from a parent at drop off one day say, " She woke up saying she was so excited to bring her princess outfit in." That statement sums up how the last two weeks have been at CVMS.

Additionally, our tomato plants had one cherry tomato -we cut in half and shared today and our herb garden is very aromatic!

In our final week, campers will be exploring and creating simple science experiments and campers will be creating a wall mural of summer fun.