CVMS Weekly

We are all trying to be cheerful with all this dreary weather around us. Who can help it? When we have Mother's Day Tea celebration right around the corner for Children's House class it's never a dreary day. The children are busily preparing for the festivities. It's also great to have the extra hands on deck with Ms Elizabeth and Ms Irene returning today! Thanks for all your RSVPs we're getting a handle on who to expect for our guests.

In years past we have always had the children participate in cleaning and beautifying the school by bringing in flowers to plant etc: This year, Mr. Jim and the elementary students have taken on a massive gardening project that has the work pretty much done. However, if any Children's House families would like to get in on the action, Children's House classroom is in serious need of beautification by some "indoor" plants. If anyone would like to donate a potted plant that can help beautify the classroom, we will cheerfully accept. That way the CH students can also study the parts of plants in their science curriculum area! It will also go a long way in having them help take care of plants in our Practical Life curriculum area too.  It would be great to see such "greenery" in time for our annual MDT! Thanking you in advance for your donations.
After a closer look at our school regulations and practices, it is well to remember that as part of our snack program, children are to be offered food for snack out of two food groups daily. We would like to vary their choices and will be asking you for suggested items for the duration of the school year. Over the summer, the school will provide snack according to these same state guidelines. Please excuse any confusion this may have caused or will cause while we make this transition. Remember also, Fridays are International Snack as outlined in the Parent Handbook!
APB: The May Scholastic Book Club offerings are coming out TODAY and once again our friends from Scholastic have included another "spend $5.00 and get one free book worth up to $5.00 FREE with your order". Although Mr. Jim tries to limit the number of new books I buy for the school - I can never seem to pass up a good deal. The forms and coupons will be sent home today.