Mother's Day school update

Hello friends, Wishing you all a very Happy Mother's Day! We held our annual Mother's Day Tea in the Children's House Classroom on Friday to the dee-lite of all attending. We missed Kate and Elliot but are sure they all celebrated while away! Thanks to Mrs. Bhatia for creating the very dear MDT handmade presents and to Ms Elizabeth and Ms Irene for setting up, creating the placemats, providing the menu, purchasing and preparing the menu and creating the menu and beautifying the room! Mr. Will was on hand to assist as well. Great team effort! Thank you to the Lowe family for the lovely plant as well. The songs were so cute!

I was especially happy to see our tulips in bloom for your special day. It seems every year in our school's history - the tulips have come and gone by MDT. So happy they were here to grace the walkways. It bears repeating to thanks Mr. Jim and the elementary students for their superb gardening these last two years it has paid great dividends to how charming the school's grounds look.

Tomorrow I will be at the Department of Education in Concord attending another Non-Public School Advisory Council Meeting in the morning. I will not be available by phone or email till the afternoon. So if you are trying to reach me and I am not replying that is why. Also, don't call to report that you are going to be late. Just, in the case of Children's House, park in a parking space and walk your child upstairs to class or EL - make sure you are aware if the students are going to be at the soccer field (by 9am) or school.


With May comes the last of tuition payments for most families and a look to the returning families for the completion of financial obligations to complete the re-enrollment process for the 2017-2018 school year. For new families the same applies as to the tuition schedule. Mr. Jim and I are in the process of reviewing all new and existing accounts so we may reconcile them and get ourselves ready for the new school year. We will be rolling out a statement of any unpaid tuition, before, or aftercare fees due CVMS to the end of the school year aka June 16, 2017. If you are aware of any unpaid tuition or extracare fees, please resolve them ASAP for us so we may close your account.

After the accounts are closed for this year we will move on to the tuition payment due June 1, 2017 for the coming school year. While this payment often causes confusion for families, it is accepted in June of 2017 and is in actuality the June of 2018 tuition payment 10/10. September 1, 2017 we begin anew and accept 9 more tuition payments (if you are on the monthly schedule) at the 1st of each month September through May. Tuition is a yearly mount that we break into 10 payments for you.


As we look forward to continue our enrollment over the summer, please be aware we have a new incentive just for you! If you know of any families that are looking for a school for their children and a a result of your contact and referral, that new family enrolls - you are entitled to a $100.00 discount off of your first tuition payment in September! It is our way of saying "thank you" for referring Country Village Montessori School.

June Calendar

Our last calendar for the school year will be out this week. We will have a coffee and "Uniform Exchange Morning" on Sat. K3rd June. Remember that's where you can bring your uniforms to donate or exchange to the school. Please also note our 2nd Annual Music on the Playground tentatively scheduled for Wed. June 14th. This will also be Kindergarten Graduation, 6th Grade Graduation and Step up for everyone! More info to follow soon!

Summer camp starts right in on Monday June 19th. We will be closed the week of July 4th, unless anyone needs us, and then it'll run through the 18th of August. It's not too late to join in the summer fun! I know our first week's theme will be "Under the Sea" - where the Children's classroom will be studying fish and all sorts as well was getting new classroom fish! Crafts, stories, activities and academics all with a "watery" theme!

In the FYI Category

This information may be of interest to you, particularly if you've ever considered Montessori training yourself, or know someone who has. Please pass on the following: I am going to conduct a few short (3 hour) sessions on the various concerns of a Montessori Children's House class. These sessions will help fulfill some of the 20 hours of yearly professional training and development required of staff each year. My first two will be in how we teach Language (the Language curriculum) and the second is on The Practical Life area of the classroom/curriculum. Other sessions will be the Sciences and Geography and of course, the Arts. I will be offering it to the larger Montessori teacher community, too . The cost will be $20.00 per session. There will be information shared on how to extend these lessons in the home. A schedule will come out shortly. The Math curriculum needs a focus of its own and will occur at the beginning of the school year.


Noteworthy this week:

  • Soccer tomorrow, weather permitting. Jim will be in communication with you if we need to cancel.
  • Pen Pal Visit and Field Trip Fri.. May 19th. We'll need a few drivers/chaperones. This details will come home on a FT permission slip TOMORROW. Please look for it and send back ASAP.
  • Science Fair participation forms (we only have three in so far).
  • New Children Visit: Schedule your child's day visit with us if you'd like your child to spend a day in EL in June! (applies to those children registered for next school year).
  • End-of-Year conferences are set to begin June 1st. We'll be sending progress reports home on the 30th. Let us know your preferences for time/day. We will make ourselves available after school and on weekends.
  • Remember there is no school for Elementary students only on Friday, June 9th as Mr. Jim and I are out-of-town for a wedding.