Mothers Day Tea/ Science Fair etc.

As we wind down our Spring respite, our flowers are almost full bloom, tulips, crocus, daffodil, to name a few.Jim has done a tremendous job of making our entranceway so beautiful and inviting. The Spring Peepers serenade us on our drives home in the evenings, and the trees are a tad more than red buds. We are in the home stretch of the 2016- 2017 school year. With the new month come new activities to highlight for you, our school community.

First bit of news comes in the form of our license. We are approved for another three years under the NH State Child Care Licensing. We have zero critical violations to answer and you can view our license as you enter the front of the school. As you may be aware each part of our school carries a different approval. Each part undergoes a three year review. It keeps us on our toes. FYI the other part is called Non-Public School Approval which keeps track of our Elementary program. That review comes up in 2019.
The attachment is our  2017-2018 school calendar. We hope it's helpful for vacation planning etc: It does not reflect our determination to provide care for your children on selected school breaks. That's right, we are adding holiday, winter, and spring camp weeks for those that may need care by the day or week. More to follow.

Children's House

Most notable event for our 3 to 6 year olds is our annual Mother's Day Tea, this year occurring on Friday, May 12th. Please plan to come to school with your child(ren) at 8:30am and plan to stay for an hour. They will have prepared snacks, songs, crafts, and of course, have Tea for you. There will be no before care that day. You are free to leave once the festivities are concluded. We will have a regular school day for the rest of the day including aftercare. They will be making an invitation for you next week. It's a lovely event the children prepare just for you. Can't wait to see you there!
 Now to  necessary reminders:
  • Please be sure to check your child's seasonal change of clothes to make sure they have a full compliment of clothing.
  • Sunscreen, water bottles, and bug spray should be provided for your children - clearly marked with their name in a large ziplock bag (all except the water bottle).
  • Lunch items should not contain desert or desert type items, just wholesome foods fruits, veggies and protein as per the parent handbook.
  • Also re lunches: per the parent handbook, no squeeze foods like yogurts and applesauces. we are encouraging independence and proper use of utensils. Our Grace and Courtesy curriculum area of the classroom encourages good table manners. 
  • And more about lunches - no milk. Please provide your child other choices for calcium like foods loaded with calcium or cheeses and yogurts (in containers).
  • And lastly about lunches: Smaller containers and amounts of food are necessary rather than larger. You know your own child; how much they eat and require. It may look like they do not eat here and if they don't that's fine with us. They will eat when hungry. Again, it's all about self regulation and learning. Just continue to provide them with a good variety of nutritious choices.
If it seems like I have a lot to say about lunches, it's because I had the pleasant opportunity to spend 2 days in Children's House a week ago. We had a wonderful class time Thursday and Friday although I did miss Avery and Becky! Hope Avery is recovered well and we'll catch you next time and Becky too unless I see you in Summer Camp.


I have to cap this section by letting you all know that Elementary will not be having class on Friday, June 9th. Jim and I will be going to Virginia to attend his nephew's wedding. We looked at all avenues to prevent this but cannot come up with a satisfactory solution. It is with regret we have to close JUST the Elementary for the day. Maybe a take your child to work day? Have them write a paper.
It's May and the focus is Science and Math! Look for work your children will be bringing home to highlight our studies. We cap off the science month with our 2nd annual Science Fair. Details will follow. This year there will be no collaborative efforts. Each person to submit their own study. Date on the calendar is Wed. May 31st.6pm, as usual.
Our 12th Annual Poetry Cafe was one of the BEST! Frankly, I think I say that every year, but no apologies, your kids are amazing! I still want to make that 12 month calendar with them including poems and art - may have to start it in Sept! We could do it as an after school club, what do you think?
Sunscreen and bug spray alerts apply to El kids as well as CH. Please have your child bring their supplies in a large ziplock bag clearly marked with their name. (This is so we don't have the residue everywhere; cubbies, clothing etc: to the extent we can prevent that possible).
A full change of clothes is required for Elementary kids as well. You might want to check and see if your child has a set at the ready.
On Wednesday, May 17th Country Village Montessori School will be hosting our very own Pen Pals from Newport Montessori School to spend a day with us.We're in the planning stages of the day as we speak/write. We know they are interested in a tour of the classroom - followed by a picnic (place TBD) and some outside time together. The children have posted many suggestions and ideas and we'll be finalizing them shortly. We'll probably need some parental help with driving (even if it's to a local park) so save the date! Thanks. We are all really looking forward to it!

ALL School

We have a bumper crop of Box Tops thanks to Ronen, Aidan D., Zara, and Mr. Will. Keep the effort going. And we have a check - just in - for $73.36. Thanks for all your help.The final push of the school year is on!
We'll be announcing a "Uniform Exchange Day" where new and returning students are invited to exchange school uniforms. If you have a school uniform your child has outgrown and would like to participate, please let me know. I have several pieces that were donated to me from children that have graduated and are no longer at the school so I will put those out for your consideration. Also, we could add a play day/picnic day to this for the family for the end of year. What do you think?
A moment for Ms. Irene. It is with sadness I report that Ms. Irene has lost her sister due to complications of diabetes. I know the entire school family sends our love and condolences. We will see her in a week's time.
Please remember to register for summer camp if you are interested and have not done so already. I do like to know the count so I can plan my activities accordingly!